Invest Now and make up to 85% returns on your insured Agric Investment

What we do with your Funds

We invest the funds in our carrot and cucumber farms. We manage and maintain the farms and share the profit with you. This investment is insured, therefore your funds are secure.

You can invest with as little as 500,000 NGN and make 15% to 85% returns on investment. 
for Instance, if you invest 10 million naira

Frequently asked questions

MIS means MKH Investment Scheme

Yes, but you need to communicate to us via our mailing channels and fill the appropriate forms via mails. Termination takes two months to process.

In the case of termination, you get 100% capital with the ROI. Termination is also permitted after 90 days.








If death occurs the next of kin gets 100% of the investment with interest.