A modern shelter with a fusion of nature and luxurious ambience harmoniously packaged for family living.

Our Property



Registered Survey & Deed of assignment ( N250k)


Within MKH Parkview Estate, Ido community, Ibadan, Oyo State.


1.5 Million/500sqm

Neighborhood Accessibility

Eleyele Dam Ibadan
Feed Well supermarket
Ido market



Developmental Fee


Good Road Network
Outstanding drainage
Sumptuous landscaping
Green areas
Gated Environment

Frequently asked questions

Parkview Courts is strategically located inside MKH Parkview Estate, Ido Community, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Perimeter Fencing, Earth Road, Electricity, Standard Security, Gate House and Drainage.

Yes, The Development levy for Parkview Courts is N400,000.00 per plot.

Yes there will be survey/allocation fee of #250,000 (Two hundred and fifty naira only) per plot.

Yes, there would be an Agreement/legal fee of #50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only) per plot.

After the 100% payment for the land and Documentation of land Agreement and survey/Allocation Fees are made.

Receipt and Contract of sales.

Registered Survey and Deed of assignment

No, after the payment of initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly, non-payment as at when due will be treated as a breach of contract which can either result to termination or revocation of the contract.

Yes, corner piece attracts a 25% surcharge

You can start  Building after physical Allocation and Payment of the stipulated Survey Fee and Development levy.

Yes, the estate is on a major road.

No, there is no time limit to commence building but your plot must be always maintained and if is not maintained the company will take over the maintenance after the first notification and this comes at a charge.

A subscriber can resell his/her property. However, a notice letter of ownership transfer should be written to MKH INVESTMENT LTD.

Yes, Corner piecr attracts 25% surcharge per plot.

Yes. You are expected to build residential houses within the area so designated for such and commercial houses in areas designed as commercial. Shops in residential houses are however not allowed and building of tenement house type (otherwise known as face me and face you) are not permitted in the estate.

 (50 x 100)Sqms.

Yes, you can get a refund however, there will be a deduction of 40% administrative and agency fee.

No, all payment should be made into MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED. MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED will not be responsible for payments not made into our account.

Bank: JAIZ Bank


Acc Number: 0009447031

Bank: WEMA Bank


Acc Number: 0620380379__DOLLAR(USD)