MKH Buy Back Investment Plan entails getting certain interest in certain months on the amount invested on any of our properties.

Land banking in Nigeria

Our Product

MKH Land Banking
Investment Initiative

Return on Investment:

  • 10 months is 30%
  • 14 months is 40%
  • 20 months is 58%


Subscribe to any of the properties buyback plans.

Fill the form and FAQ and stipulate the number of plots for investment

Make payment to MKH Investment Limited and Send in a NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT.

Notification of payment
Investment Schedule
Contract of Investment with plots from our estate worth the value of clients’ investment.
Land documents showing the landed property equivalent of invested amount.
At the maturity date of your investment, you get the capital invested plus the interest and we render void all land documents given to you as a sign of contract delivered.
Land banking in Nigeria

Our Product

MKH Land Banking
Investment Initiative

Our Packages:

We offer one flexible package: The minimum investment amount is 100,000 NGN.

Return on Investment:

  • 6 months is 15%
  • 12 months is 34%
  • 24 months is 69%
  • 36 months is 85%
A fantastic ROI on each plan
Stability in investment; it is backed up by Real Assets and Insurance
Timely payment to investors whether or not the land gets sold Investors can also get a post-dated cheque.
It is a low-risk investment
Generate passive income

Security for your funds? You will get

Notification of payment and agreement
Land certificate double your initial invested capitals as security.