Make up to 85% Returns on Your Insured Real estate Investment

How does MIS work?

With the shortage of housing in Nigeria pegged at 17 million, it is important to bridge the housing gap. Construction projects are usually capital intensive, that is why MKH Investment needs collaborators like you, to solve the problems with and make money.

You can invest with as little as 500,000 NGN and make 15% to 85% returns on investment. 

for Instance if you invest 10 million niara

Dear Investor

It’s no doubt that real estate is one of the most stable and secure assets to put your funds in. With an array of volatile investment options flooding the market, it is important for the profitable investor to look out for the most secure, yet most rewarding opportunities. This is why the MKH Investment Scheme is different.

Land doesn’t depreciate. Here’s a fact, between 2014 and 2019, Epe appreciated by 575%. Not just that, Ibeju Lekki has seen unprecedented growth, even Lekki and Victoria Island today are sources of generational wealth.

The results are glaring. Invest in MIS, forget the technicalities of managing building projects or tenants, just get your returns at the due date.




What we do with your Funds

We invest the funds in developing commercial and residential properties. We conduct thorough research on locations prone to quick appreciation and buy properties there. With time, we develop these properties, sell-off over time, and share the profit with you.
We also invest the funds in agriculture and oil and gas which directly and indirectly generate significant returns based on the production capacity, suitable lands choice and environmental factors

Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

The Company Behind MIS

MKH Investment Limited is a registered and verified company with a track record of success in developing real estate properties which create viable investment opportunities. We have helped over 500 individuals and families own properties in Nigeria. More details on our website.

We have a proven track record of success in the real estate sector. We launched the Wealthy Place, Ibeju Lekki and in less than a year, the ROI jumped to over 100%. The Wealthy place is a 300-plot commercial estate facing the Expressway, and it is set to be sold out.


Our Projects


Ibadan, Oyo State

A running splash of gold and rust, as they call it, Ibadan is home to Primehood Estate by MKH Investment Limited. 

The Haven

Epe, Lagos State

The Haven is an innovative and lucrative project developed by MKH Investment to help smart tap into the numerous opportunities in Epe.

The Wealthy Place

Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State

The Wealthy Place is a 210-plots Estate set to be one of the best opportunities for real estate investors on the Lekki Free Trade Zone Axis

Frequently asked questions

MIS means MKH Investment Scheme

Yes, but you need to communicate to us via our mailing channels and fill the appropriate forms via mails. Termination takes two months to process.

In the case of termination, you get 100% capital with the ROI. Termination is also permitted after 90 days.








If death occurs the next of kin gets 100% of the investment with interest.


Yes, you can visit the site of the project MKH invested in. You can call to book an inspection.

Ready to make high Returns on your investment?

Invest Now and make up to 85% returns on your Insured real estate Investment

Invest now and make up to 85% Returns on your insured real estate investment