SUNSTONE CITY has 29 Acres and shares proximity with one of the oldest universities in Nigeria. The University of Ibadan as well as inland Dry Port which is about to serve as a decongesting measure for the Apapa and Tincan Island ports in Lagos.

This timeless inheritance, SUNSTONE CITY is also close to Moniya Train Terminal. A safe and fast means of transportation. Your best bet is investing in SUNSTONE CITY residential property

Our Property

Sunstone City


Registered Survey and C of O in view


800,000.00 per plot(500 sqm)


500 Sqm

Genuine Legal Document.
Gated and Tranquil Environ
Smooth Road Network
Well-situated drainage,
Bright and Stable Streetlight,
Gardens & Landscaping,

Frequently asked questions

SUNSTONE CITY is located at Moniya Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.


Registered Survey, Deed of Assignment.

Estate Office, Good Drainage, Green Area, Security, Enough Car Park.

Yes, Survey: ₦250,000.00, Documentation:  ₦100,000.00 and Developmental ₦500,000.00.

500sqm (Full Plot), 250 Sqm (Half Plot)

MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED would be the one to perfect all documentation as regards SUNSTONE CITY, and allotted fees would be charged on each unit as required. {This would be duly communicated when due}

Receipt, Notification of payment and Contract of sales.

Final receipt, Letter of allocation, Deed of assignment.

Upon allocation of the subscribed plot/plots.

Plots will be allotted upon 100% completion of payment for the land and statutory charges. (Survey, Deed and Developmental fees)

Yes, A Corner piece plot attracts a 25% Surcharge.

Construction is advised to commence a month after the physical Allocation of plots and payment of the Developmental Fee.

  • YES, a subscriber who has paid all fees can resell, however approval must be sought and granted by MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED for proper documentation and transfer of ownership.
  • A notice of transfer of interest by the purchaser shall be sent to the vendor for the vendor’s consent.
  • The Purchaser and Vendor must complete the unit transfer form after which title documents and agreement will be issued to the new owner.
  • In the case of a transfer, the Purchaser shall bear the cost of procuring new survey plans and title deeds and any other document required for the transfer of interest. Such cost shall be determined by the Vendor. Transfer of title fee shall also be determined by the vendor.

A refund can be made; however, it will be made in full less 40% administrative charges from the price of the Land. A 3 months period will be allowed for the Vendor to process the payment.

N.B (Refund will be made only after the said plot/Plots has been sold)

• In the event of a default in the payment plan within two months, the company (MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED) is at liberty to renegotiate the terms of the contract, and also has the power to revoke the unit where deemed appropriate.
• In the event of revocation or termination, the Vendor shall not be liable to make any refund to the existing purchaser until the Vendor has received funds corresponding in values to the amount to be refunded from a third-party purchaser of the unit. For avoidance of doubts, the Vendor shall not be obliged to procure a third party to acquire the purchaser’s interest in the unit.
• Defaulting in installment payment before 50% payment is made will result in a 5% interest fee on the outstanding amount.

  • 2 consecutive defaults in payment will lead to a termination of your subscription.
  • A unit is only guaranteed after 70% payment of the total amount is made by the subscriber.

YES, (this would be determined by MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED) later.

ALL payments must be made to the company’s designated accounts, as payments made elsewhere would NOT be honored as a payment for THE GARNET.





ACCOUNT NO:  0009447031