At MKH, we transform real assets into income-producing developments 

 – specialising in the entire life-cycle of a real estate project beginning with site acquisition, conceptualisation, design coordination, securing permits, sales, financing and construction management to delivery and facility management.

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We provide tailored facility management services for real estate companies in Nigeria.

With services designed and delivered with the best practices and standards, we ensure zero fatalities, while ensuring safety in the properties we manage. We work with clients to guarantee the functionality and profitability of their buildings with our technology-driven business process. 

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At MKH Investment Limited, we create unique ways to make real estate investments profitable to both the buyers and the sellers.

We protect and grow the funds we manage on behalf of our clients and partners by investing directly in profitable assets, each asset is actively managed throughout its life to generate the optimum return for our investors.

Real Estate

Do you need professional and sound advice on ‘how to invest’ your funds in the Nigerian real estate market?

MKH provides investors with advice and support on the Nigerian real estate market. With our team of professionals, we help clients navigate the process of buying properties in Nigeria. Even if you are not in Nigeria, we can help you through the ‘A-Z’ of property investments.