How to Conduct a Real Estate Market Analysis

Every investor wants to be sure they’re getting their money’s worth and when it comes to real estate, the market you choose to invest in is a critical factor. Finding the best market involves different factors to be considered and this goes beyond just the type of property or where it is located.¬† To get […]

Benefits of Investing in the Lagos Real Estate Market

Lagos is home to diverse opportunities and is considered one of the most lucrative states in Nigeria. The Lagos real estate market is very profitable provided you understand how it works.¬†Real Estate Investors are constantly looking for means of investing in properties with high returns on investments and Lagos provides such opportunities with its densely […]

Importance of Land Titles in Nigeria

Title deeds

Amongst the many investigations to be carried out when buying land or property in Nigeria, knowing the land title of the land you are about to purchase is of utmost importance. There have been occurrences of land owners losing their land due to lack of appropriate documents as proof of ownership. Sometimes, it could be […]

The Rise of Internet Marketing and Its Effect on the Nigerian Real Estate Sector

Real estate and internet marketing

With the rise of the internet and technological advancements, industries have had to transit from the traditional way of doing things into the modern system. The Real Estate industry has not been left behind as well. Internet marketing has skyrocketed the rate of profit to be made by investors and agents in real estate and […]

How To Renovate Your House Within A Budget

home renovation, real estate investment

Properties tend to depreciate when they are not well maintained. Periodic home renovations can go a long way in preventing major damages that would cost a lot more to repair. But sometimes home renovations can be financially draining if one does not carefully plan on how to go about it within a budget. Home Renovation […]