Security Tips in Real Estate

security in real estate, security tips

One of the top needs of humans is to have shelter and be secure. With the alarming rate of insecurity in the country, it is important to take necessary measures towards securing your properties.  Be it commercial or residential properties, taking due diligence to secure your buildings, apartments, office should not be taken for granted. […]

Everything You Should Know about Certificate of Occupancy in Nigeria, 2021

certificate of occupancy, real estate document, real estate investment

Getting the necessary documents when conducting a transaction whether in real estate or any other kind of business is usually very vital to the success of that transaction. When it comes to land purchase and property investment, there are documents to certify that the purchase or investment is legitimate. One of those documents and a […]

Luxury Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

Expensive houses in Nigeria

The real estate industry offers diverse investment opportunities for investors at different levels. What makes real estate profitable for everyone is that there are different options according to investors’ financial capabilities and at the top level of real estate investment is Luxury Real Estate.  What is Luxury Real Estate? Luxury Real Estate involves luxury properties […]